Education: Most important Rung in the Ladder of Success

It is not absolutely necessary for education to be crowded into a few years of school life. The best educated people are those who are always learning…always absorbing knowledge from every possible source and at every opportunity. Knowledge is not only acquired through books, mind-boggling formulas, non-stop memorization and brain twisting tests. There are some lessons that we’ll only learn as we go through life. We’ll meet various people who can inspire us to become a better person; who’ll teach us directly and indirectly how to overcome challenges, how to face troubles, how to grow and how to be matured. These people can influence us to achieve much more than what we thought we can. Everyday gives us many lessons in life… Every though leaves an impression on our minds… Every feeling weaves a garment for the spirit… Every passion plows a furrow in our souls. It is our duty as moral beings to guide and direct those thoughts , feelings and passions so that they shall educate us in the right direction. With disoriented mental faculties, a person will be a ship without a helm, dashed on bars and rocks at the will of the wind and waves.

In this age of the world, education must be the underlying foundation for the future success of either a young man or woman. We should determine that no sacrifice is too great, no struggle is too hard in obtaining a thorough education. It is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the entire world by starting to change ourselves. Let the new seeds grown in us, because new fruits will nourish us into maturity.

By gaining education, we shall have our reward in the rich stores of knowledge we have thus collected and which shall ever be at our command…more valuable than material treasures. While fleets may sink, buildings become consumed and richness fade; the intellectual stores we have gathered will be permanent and enduring. How wise then, to secure, as far as possible, a complete and lasting education.

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