Reading–Food for the Brain

“Reading maketh a full man” – Bacon

Reading is one of the best ways in order to gain vast knowledge pertaining to almost everything in this universe. The greatest minds that ever existed, engaged themselves mostly in reading. Learning isn’t merely acquired within the walls of schools, colleges and universities; every one of us can be a mentor of ourselves by pondering the wisdom crowded into books.

The only way to evade from hunger is through stuffing your mouth with food; likewise, the only way to elude ignorance is through stuffing your brain with nourishment you’ll only acquire through reading. It isn’t just for the sake of knowledge. It is also one of the best recreations one could have during their leisure time. A good book is a definite solace. It has the power to lift the poor out of poverty, the wretched out of his misery, to make the burden-bearer forget his burden, the sick his sufferings and sorrowing his grief. It could be an escape from the most discouraging and distressing surroundings…even for a moment, you could find yourself lost in the realm of its wisdom…You could transcend generations, travel through time, read minds, be another person, enter a new dimension…It’s an escape…fleeting…temporary…but worth it.

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