Back to Eden

Progress in technology is now making rapid strides. It is advancing at a terrific rate; numerous inventions and innovations are being discovered in a wink! As the whole world focuses on such achievements and savor the comfort of the modern world; mother nature seems to be the only one who suffers…it seems as if she fell to sink into oblivion–suddenly forgotten and left behind.

In face of the growing destruction of the world due to man’s hunger for power and addiction to innovations; still it seems as if nobody cares at all. The condition of the entire world is now on its alarming level: severe droughts, disastrous hurricanes, intermittent heat waves, widespread crop failures, devastating floods and violent storms–and yet only a few strives to help.

God has bestowed men a very special gift–Eden–our home..a gift he entrusted to us…a gift worth giving all our attention to…But what is it we’re doing in return? Ruining it…destroying it…killing it! Is that how we’ll express our gratitude? Such a blasphemy!

The right time has come; we must awaken our enfeebling minds…Why not open our eyes and see the immeasurable destruction we’ve made. It’s getting late…we must make a move now! Not just plan, but act! Let’s not wait for another day to come…we must act now and appease our angry benefactor!

We don’t need much effort, we can start on our little ways–Conserve–that’s the best thing to do. Together, let’s bring back the Garden of Eden…our paradise! It won’t take long, it surely won’t…as long as we’re all together…helping hands…aiding nature on the best way we can…heeding the cry of Mother Earth…advocating the best thing to be done for her sake.

Service–that’s the former Green Kingdom needs! Service–that’s the rent we needed to pay for our room on Earth. Act now, because we’ll never know when, we, human beings ourselves will cease to exist…when there’s nothing more to be done but to lurk on one corner and watch the darkness engulf the world…when all of us are buried and relegated to the sandbox of regret…and wiped out from the face of the Earth.

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