There she is–peering into the clouds,
Her radiant beauty beaming from above…
A lonesome goddess who shines without Love,
Even without any companion she will thrive.

As darkness creeps to life, a solitaire travels,
Numerous phases of faces–uncontestably hard not to marvel…
Embraced each of her changes, every night a new one to unravel…
Slowly taking her time until she’s full enough to dazzle.

Shackled into the skies, she sits with elegant grace,
Flaunting her ethereal loveliness for every soul to gaze,
Deep craters cover her and still nothing could get her fazed,
She embraced her imperfection and it has set her ablaze.

An ever-changing, burning ball, floating from afar,
Powerful enough to pull the oceans from shore to shore,
Binded with mysteries down to her very core,
I couldn’t help but stare at this goddess even more.

And down below, I am admiring her, shivering on the chilly night,
How darkness engulfed her but the stars made her crown is a sight,
I was reaching out to her with eyes shut, as I pray with all my might,
To be like her–alone, evolving, imperfect but zealous enough to fight.



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