Pen and Paper

We carry notebooks with us

As a place to drop the pain

We carry notebooks with us

As a reminder it will be okay

We carry paper

So the pain has a place to go

We carry paper

So we don’t have to fight with our ghosts.


We carry pens

So we can let it out

We carry pens

So we don’t have to drown.


We write

To put out the fire

We write

To stay alive…




How do you escape a world you’ve created?
where monsters were your own thoughts,
where pain is your own emotions,
and you’re constantly drowning with your frustrations…
drowning—drowning but you couldn’t die…

Your dreams and goals suffocate you,
tightening around your throat…
covering you mouth…
but you can breathe…
You can breathe–but you hope you couldn’t…


I was able to elude from the ghosts underneath my bed,
But how can I escape from a monster residing in my head?
I have shook off all the harsh words people have said,
But I am restrained to my thoughts, its poison has spread.
If only I had known, I would have left and fled,
But how can I get away from my own self that I dread?



How do you escape from feelings that consume you?

Sometimes I wonder how my heart could keep up with all the emotions I feel all at once…with all the feelings surging through me…
I wonder how i could manage to endure the intensity of each…the extremity…
One heartbeat it was all exhilarating feeling, and then on the next it was a complete melancholy…it was different on every beat and it was intense every time…
Everything is a climax… every moment is a peak… every action has an automatic reaction… and it exhausts the hell out of me…

How do you escape from feelings that consume you?