I can’t thank you enough… (Journal Entry #005)

You are the one that my soul has been searching for so long and finding you has finally completed me. I am beyond grateful to you, for unconditionally and constantly showering me with happiness and love. For all the sweet things you’ve done and continuously do, Thank you!

For bombarding me with calls to wake me up every single morning…For buying me breakfast whenever I haven’t eaten yet…For texting me throughout the day no matter how busy you are…For checking up on me whenever I am on site…For bringing me water right into my table as I finish my inspections…For cooking food for me and eating lunch with me…For bringing site clothes that I can change into whenever I’m drenched with sweat…For always completing my day just because you were seated behind me…For taking me home every single night no matter how late it already is…For taking me out on dinners and dates…For making me feel that I matter…For telling me all your secrets…For hugging me whenever I feel sad…For accompanying me wherever I wanted to go…For supporting me with my dreams…For holding my hand in front of anyone…For introducing me to your family…For taking the dangerous side when we’re walking on the streets…For the endless assurance that there’s no one else but me…For bringing me to the hospital when I wasn’t feeling well and waiting for me to be discharged until past midnight…For always putting me first…For waiting on our lobby until twilight whenever we have a huge fight…For chasing me whenever I walk out…For fighting for me when we were about to break up…For always holding me tight when I’m about to let go…For staying with me no matter how hard I am to handle…For loving me despite my imperfections. For being so sweet, generous, caring, loving… For being sooooo close to “perfect”. For being YOU. THANK YOU. And Iloveyou.

I will never, ever find anyone else like you and I’m so grateful and lucky to have finally met my soulmate. You are my prayer and my dream. And I promise to love you exactly the way you love me. Iloveyou and I will never, ever look for anyone else apart from you…I will never love anyone else… You are my sun and my stars and my moon and you are the only light I need to shine through me. Iloveyou and I promise I will stay no matter how tough things may get. I will stay and I will never leave you. You are my present and my future and I really want to grow old with you. We will stay together, we will endure any hardships together…Iloveyou today and everyday for the rest of my life. Iloveyou