The Protagonist

I was once swimming in the pool of words… squirming and thrashing as the letters made their way up my nose and down my throat… writhing in agony as fragments and phrases drown me. All the feelings kept on surging through me… All the pain and frustrations swelling inside were translated to sentences I can’t keep up with.

All these literary pieces were scattered inside me and they didn’t make any sense – they are poems with mismatched rhymes… stories with incongruous plots. They kept coming…and my pen and paper couldn’t keep pace with all of it. It’s as if every tear, every pain, every heartbreak – are another stories awaiting to be written.

Amidst choking verses and coughing passages, you came. Someone who cannot be described into words…every adjective just fell short… The unstoppable voices in my head came to a halt. The chaos subsided and turned into bliss. It was the first time I was lost for words. Now everything is silent except for our heartbeats. I didn’t know that hundreds of fears would be tamed by a single hug. I didn’t know that thousands of tears would be wiped by a single kiss. I didn’t know that the love I have tried so hard to put into words will be justified by a single name. Now, my journal has empty pages and my heart is full of bliss…

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