The Redeemer

Life was a blank piece of parchment,

Till God reached out for the quill in the pavement.

He wrote our story with meticulous statements,

So good of him for a bunch of wonderful moments.

God adds more color in it for more excitement,

He let gaunt stuff engulf us for a moment,

And see if we’ll still hang on to him while we lament,

He’ll never ever leave in every predicament…

As our story unfolds quickly,

God made it more quirky,

All these–made it definitely hazy,

But that’s how he would know if we’re flimsy.

He then stopped for a while,

Let the blank ink blot in the white…

Let the crimson blood drop with a sigh;

But certainly joins us whenever we cry.

As soon as he sees, we seem to be lost,

In a desert, feeling so cross,

He’ll let us drink the entire oasis for no cost,

And pull us out of that hell, in a coin’s toss.

As soon as we proved our faith was strong enough,

He’ll give us the quill without a bluff,

The pen of life will soon lie on our palm,

To write our own ending in sync with God’s Psalm.


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