fall in love with poets, artists, musicians…with their queer reality,with their eyes—that see the unusual… rare…the beauty in everything.

with their hands that are capable of such complex, out-of-the-ordinary, unsettling art.

with their curious minds that notice the unnoticed, and leave you in a daze…and you smile every time because their mind is so much more beautiful than all the poetry you have ever read.

with their hearts that wanders off, in the most unpredictable of ways… and you just stare because their eyes glitter like little bulbs in the sky and you would anything to see them shimmer like that.

with their dreams and know what they really fantasize about.

fall in love with their art, that speaks what not everyone can hear.

and fall in love with all of their words, and their silence, and fall in love with them as a whole,

and be true.

for when you wonder what they think about you,

look at them

and they will smile at you with their eyes.

and they will create for you a vivid, many-hued picture when you are surrounded by black and white

and they will write you down, and play you songs.

in the most beautiful of ways.

that maybe



you will fall in love

with yourself.


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