I will never be contented with what I know… I will always strive to be more than the usual…I refuse to be just the mediocre…I will always venture on greater feat…I will always try something new…The only thing that’s keeping me sane in this cyclic life is the adventures and challenges I choose to embark on. I don’t want a smooth ride…I want my voyage to be something–peculiar. I have to obsess over something and have it done…That’s what keeps me going…That’s what gives me purpose…

First, an architect, then, a master plumber and now, juris doctor? This might seem as another spontaneous decision of mine…you might think that I haven’t thought this through and I’m being as impulsive as ever…but no! I want it! I’ve stayed up for couple of nights already, obsessing over this thought…The urge to enter law school is too great…It is ingrained in every fiber of my entire being…It is a poison that has already spread all throughout my body… I can no longer escape from the thought of it. A childhood dream resurfaced and now, I could see a vision of me so clearly…I could see a new path stretched ahead of me. Oh how I admire the eloquence and the wisdom of attorneys. I admire them too much, I’m dying to be one of them. I don’t know how I would do this…I don’t even have the resources…but the urge is too great to resist…my brain is shouting deafening and definite conviction to do something about it…I am being a slave of my own thoughts. And somehow, I like it…the idea of myself never settling and always wanting something more…I’ve got all my eyes to nothing but to these next aims…I am going to pass UPLAE and PhilSAT no matter how hard and impossible it seems… I am going to focus on my goals…Never will I fail coz Jesus is with me. The world will stand to one side to let me pass. I will succeed…

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